Outage Updates

When major power outages occur, the outage map is a good resource.

We'll provide information in the  "NEWS" section and NEWS RELEASES for outages affecting 500 or more members for one or more hours (as able), or "like" our Facebook page to receive updates. These types of outages are classified as a major outage.

An extensive outage is classified as an outage affecting more than 5,000 members for more than four hours. We’ll also keep you informed during these types of power outage situations.

You’ll also find the outage preparation tips helpful within this section to know how to prepare before a storm ever hits.

When outages do occur, Lake Country Power responds immediately and works as quickly as possible to restore your service.


GENERATOR SAFETY:  Be sure to install your generator properly to prevent backfeeding...it could mean the difference between life and death. Watch this short 5-minute VIDEO for more information. 

UNDERGROUND LINES: There are legitimate reasons why rural utilities don't have as many underground power lines on their distribution systems than overhead power lines. If you've ever wondered why and what the reasons may be, please read this letter from the director of engineering for perspective. Thank you. (Click here for the letter

Videos (click the links below):

How to prepare an emergency kit.

How to keep your food safe during power outages.

How to open your electric garage door when the power goes out.

How power is restored (a series of steps the lineworkers do).

Outage Updates: 

Please refer to the outage map for real-time updates, or visit the News tab for information.

Be sure to "like" us on Facebook for outage updates as well.

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